If you take the main staircase to the first floor, you will come to the Caspar David Friedrich Gallery, where temporary exhibitions showcase works of contemporary art whose roots lie in German Romanticism or are otherwise related to that movement or, finally, engage critically with the ideas held by Romantic artists.


The Caspar David Friedrich Prize, first awarded in 2001 on the strength of a competition, is fundamental to the Gallery’s programme.



Exhibition programme 2024

21 January 2024 - 2 April 2024

Xianwei Zhu: Yun Shou - Wolkenhände I 


4 May 2024 - 13 October 2024

Caspar David Friedrich: The paintings’ hidden lives


26 October 2024 - 21 December 2024

Exhibition from the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Prize winner 2024 - Ida Raselli - Copenhagen


2 October 2024 - 21 December 2024

The painter's dream - CDF as a multimedia artist

An installation by the Montessori music school