Candle-making and candle-moulding as in Caspar David Friedrich’s day

The original plans of the building indicate that candles were manufactured and moulded in a special room designed for that purpose at the front of the property.


You can gain an idea of the historical ambiance of candle-making in our reconstructed workshop and also try out for yourselves the traditional craft of candle-making as practised by Caspar David Friedrich’s father and two of his brothers. We shall be happy to show you the process by which candles were made in the past, and we are sure that you will be delighted to take home with you the candles that you have made here.



Teaching Workshop

The basement area provides space for teaching workshops. Here candles and soaps can be made as in Caspar David Friedrich’s day. But not only the techniques associated with ancient trades can be studied here, we also offer courses in painting and drawing that follow in Caspar David Friedrich’s footsteps. A children’s painting book with motifs derived from Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings has been designed specially for the Centre and encourages children to take a playful interest in the famous painter.


Public and Private Workshops 

Public candle or soap workshop

Duration: 120 minutes | Price: Admission plus €3.00 workshop fee + cost of materials per person


Booked group workshop

120 minutes, admission included:

2–5 persons: €50.00 + material costs

6-10 persons: €70.00 + material costs

11-15 persons: €90.00 + material costs


Workshop topics for bookings are:

  • Soap pouring
  • Candle casting
  • Candle making
  • Casting wax pendants
  • Rolling beeswax candles
  • Drawing traces (drawing outdoors on the CDF picture path)
  • Picture-making kit (making three-dimensional Friedrich motifs in a shoebox)

Overview of material costs Workshops:

  • Self-poured soap: €1.00–4.50 per piece, depending on size
  • Self-poured candle: €€1.00 per piece
  • Self-decorated candle: €1.50 per piece
  • Self-decorated candle: €2.00 per piece
  • Self-poured wax pendant: €1.00 per 2 pieces
  • Self-rolled beeswax candle: €2.00 per piece
  • Handicraft material picture kit: €5.00 per set
  • Painted/printed bag: €5.00 per piece
  • Drawing traces: €4.00 material (you can also bring your own sketchbook and pencil; in this case, the material costs will be waived)


Booked workshop for day-care centres, nurseries and kindergartens and schools

120 minutes, up to max. 15 participants: €60.00 + material costs + reduced admission for accompanying persons