A Tour of the Caspar David Friedrich Centre

The Caspar David Friedrich Centre

The Caspar David Friedrich Centre is the meeting place of all who wish to retrace the artist’s footsteps in the town where he was born. The Centre was opened in 2004 in the historic Soap-House and was enlarged in 2011 to cover the whole of the family’s former living quarters and business premises. It recalls the great painter and the greatest son of Greifswald. Visitors can take advantage of a permanent exhibition featuring the old Soap-House, the Family Room and the Rügen and Eldena Room with well-known motifs from Friedrich’s works. Temporary exhibitions of contemporary art in the Caspar David Friedrich Gallery attest to the abiding fascination of the artist’s work and of German Romanticism in general.


The  Caspar David Friedrich Centre is located in the old town of Greifswald next to St Nicholas's Cathedral where Friedrich was baptized, and within walking distance of the Pomeranian State  Museum, which holds a number of well-known original artworks by Caspar David Friedrich.