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The Caspar David Friedrich Centre has a step-free access only to the ground floor.

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The Caspar David Friedrich Centre is the meeting place of all who wish to retrace the artist’s footsteps in the town where he was born.


The Centre was opened in 2004 in the historic Soap-House and was enlarged in 2011 to cover the whole of the family’s former living quarters and business premises. It recalls the great painter and the greatest son of Greifswald.

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Current Exhibition in the Gallery of the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Centre

Xianwei Zhu: Yun Shou - Wolkenhände I

21 January 2024 - 2 April 2024
The vernissage will take place on 21.01.2024, at 2 pm in the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Zentrum. The artist will be present. Introduction by Dr Tobias Wall, Stuttgart. Admission is free.
The influence of traditional Chinese landscape painting and Daoist philosophy is clearly recognisable in Xianwei Zhu's work: the choice of motif, colouring and specific brushwork are just a few examples of this. Similar to Friedrich, Zhu's human figures appear like miniatures, emphasising the sublimity of the surrounding nature. In addition to other similarities in composition and subject matter, there are elements in Zhu's work that can be seen as a direct homage to Caspar David Friedrich. Xianwei Zhu's own artistic signature ensures topicality. His brush acts as an organic extension of his masterful hand: it creates a balance between density and lightness and materialises what the artist experiences inside - in the spirit of Friedrich. The exhibition title YUN SHOU (Chinese for cloud hands) comes from Tai Ji Quan. It is the name of one of 24 figures of the so-called Peking form. The cloud hands symbolise the basic mental attitude of Daoism: an immersion in a meaningful emptiness; the search for balance in a turbulent outside world and the striving for oneness with sublime nature. This attitude can be found in the works of both Friedrich and Zhu.


Text: Caroline Barth M. A. art historian, artist, curator and director of the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Zentrum from the foreword to the catalogue "Xianwei Zhu Wolken Hände", published on the occasion of the exhibition.

Great Sound, 150 × 270 cm, four-part, acrylic on canvas, 2020 – 2021. ©2024 Xianwei Zhu 




Welcome to the Caspar David Friedrich Society in Greifswald, the famous early Romantic painter's hometown.

Founded in 1998, our Society is a non-profit-making organization that aims to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the artist and to encourage further research into his life, his personality and his work. These aims are served in particular by the Caspar David Friedrich Centre, which our Society opened on the site of the house in which the painter was born.

We also seek to preserve the artist’s memory through the Caspar David Friedrich Prize, by guided tours and excursions to places associated with the painter and, last but not least, by lectures and public readings.
Our Society extends a warm welcome to all who feel drawn to the great Romantic painter and to his art and who wish to express their commitment to it.


Best regards,

Hannelore Kohl