Current Exhibition



Ruth Campau



27th April - 7th July 2019


Saturday, 27th April, 6 pm at the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Centre, Greifswald, Germany

Admittance: free



“FIELDING” is the title of a solo show by the Danish artist Ruth Campau.


“FIELDING” is also the name of the huge installation, which is installed in the main exhibition room. Ruth Campau has covered the total floor with 19 pieces of dark mylar lanes. Each mylar lane is painted with long, rhythmical and very precise brushstrokes. A brushstroke that has been the characteristic for Campaus artistic agenda for many years. She puts the plate (in this case a soft mylar) on the floor and takes long strokes with a broom.

The mylar lanes in this installation have different lengths, but all of them are painted with thick, impasto, black paint. The mylar is transparent and you can slightly see the brown floor underneath. The paintings and the floor melt together and remind you of a plough field.

The viewer is not allowed to walk on the floor instead it can only be viewed from a small platform by the door.


Ruth Campau says about the installation:

The CDF Centre is the house where Caspar David Friedrich was born, and my solo show “FIELDING” is a contribution to Caspar David Friedrich and his romantic landscapes. I will show two installations that focus on paintings installed as landscapes. A site-specific landscape where the viewer becomes a part of the motive.

CDF often painted a person standing in a huge magnificent landscape, turning his back to the viewer. In the installation “FIELDING” I do the same – just in a contemporary and concrete way.

I grew up on the isle of Mors in the northwest Denmark, and I can easily relate to the romantic landscape – I know it by heart and I can smell it. When a field is plough it is beautiful with the stringent lines. The dark soil and the birds screaming symbolizes a new fresh beginning. The psychic state of mind you get while viewing a landscape like this is also the drive to a more sensual and spiritual connection to the world and to life in general. I hope to bring this forth in my installation “FIELDING”.


Additional to the big installation Ruth Campau also show a smaller installation and some paintings.



With best thanks to Galerie Knut Hardwich, Sellin on Rügen.


For more of Ruth Campau's work.




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1955    born on the Island of Mors, Denmark

2000 – 2005    Studied Art History at the Open University, Copenhagen, DK

since 2002    Member of the Danish Artist Society

since 2006    Member of Grønningen Artist Collective Association

2006 – 2009    Art consultant and member of the adivsory committee of UBST/ The Danish University and Property Agency

2005 – 2011    Member of the Danish Academy Council and Danish Artist’s Society’s Jury (Chairwoman 2008 - 2011)

since 2011    Member of The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts

since 2013    Member of the Academy Council

lives and works in Copenhagen



Solo Exhibitions (Selection):

2015    Interstellar, Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen, DK

2015    Between The Past and The Coming, Overgaden, Institut for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK

2014    Vertical, Marianne Friis Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

2011    Pearl, PS Projectspace, Amsterdam, NL

2011    Velvet Mirror and Diamonds, Asbeak AAC Showroom, Copenhagen, DK

2010    Mit Museum, KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg, DK

2007    Neighboorhood & Grass, Brænderigården, Viborg, DK

2006    Curtain, Ostseebad Sellin on Rügen, D

2005    Galerie Hartwich Rügen, D

2004    SPACE BAR, Paintbox extensions, Copenhagen, DK

2001    Yellow, Red, Cigar, Overgaden, Copenhagen, DK

2000    Spiritual Kitchen, PAINTBOX, Copenhagen, DK

1996    Humid Zone, Overgaden, Copenhagen, DK


Group Exhibitions (Selection):

2015    Quartet, Esbjerg Art Museum, Esbjerg, DK

2015    Eccentric Abstraction, FeldbuschWiesner Galerie, Berlin, D

2014    Edition Norm Issue N°3/2014, Berlin, D

2013    Baltic Sea Record 2013, Stadtgalerie Kiel, D

2013    Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus, DK

2013    Arkitektonisk Stuegang, Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen, DK

2012    Co Lab, The Barker Hanger, Los Angeles, USA

2012    Shaped by Time, Nationalmuseum, Copenhagen, DK

2008    ROUNDABOUT, Contemporary Exhibition Space, Berlin, D

2008    Grønningen, Bornholm Art Museum, DK

2007    Young Blood, PS Projectspace, Amsterdam, NL

2005    SPLASH, BOX 2.0, Copenhagen, DK 

2004    Farbfilm 2004 – Abstraktion III, Kunstverein Schloss Plön & Schloss Plüschow, Niedenstein, D

2003    Vierzig mal, Kunstverein Rügen, Putbus, D

2003    Norther Malerei, Galerie Hartwich, Sellin on Rügen, D

2001    Efterårsudstillingen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, DK

2001    Norther Malerei, Galerie Hartwich, Sellin on Rügen, D

1999    PAINTBOX, Copenhagen, DK


Site specific projects in the public space (Selection):

2016- Handwoven stories from the colorfields make the blanket warm. Hvidovre-Kranken­haus, Kopenhagen, DK

2014    Concrete Poetry. Ortsspezifische Dekoration des Atriums des VUC, Vejle Campus, DK. Architekten: Cubo

2014    Nul Ét. Dekoration für UNI:C, Nationale Agentur für IT und Lernen, Dänisches Bil­dungsministerium, Kopenhagen, DK

2012    Every Colour You Are, (vol. II). Farbschema für das Foyer im Civilstyrelsen, Kopen­hagen, DK

2011    Puzzle. Ortsspezifische Dekoration der Rezeption von LETT, Kopenhagen, DK

2007 – 08    Contemplation. Ortsspezifische Dekoration der Kirche des Nationalkranken­hauses, Kopenhagen, DK, Architekt: Mathilde Petri, Gebäudebesitzer: Nationalkrankenhaus, Spende der Neuen Carlsberg Stiftung


Honorary stipends, prizes and awards (Selection):

2015    Ole Haslunds Kunstnerfond, honorary stipend

2015    Residency at Accademia di Danimarca, Rome, IT

2015    15. Juni Fonden

2013    Residency at ISCP International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York, USA

2013    Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond

2012    Residency at Can Lis, Mallorca

2012    Mogens Zielers Fond, Honorary stipend

2008    The Danish Art Foundation, 3-year stipend