Núria Quevedo. Painting and Graphics


Exhibition period: 17 July – 3 October 2021
Exhibition opening: 17 July | 11:00 am | Free entrance! The artist will be present.
Greeting: Hannelore Kohl, Chairwoman of the Board of the CDF-Gesellschaft e.V.
Introduction: Prof. Dagmar Lißke, board member of the CDF-Gesellschaft e.V.
Catalan artist Núria Quevedo (born 1938 in Barcelona) lives and works in Berlin. From 1994 to 1996 she held a guest professorship for fine arts at the Caspar David Friedrich Institute at the University of Greifswald. Núria Quevedo is a wellknown and successful painter and graphic artist. Her works are exhibited in numerous collections and museums, including the Galerie Neue Meister in Dresden and the Nationalgalerie in Berlin.
During our 2016 group exhibition “Resonance and Refuge. Reception of Romanticism in the Graphic Arts of the GDR”, Núria Quevedo already provided an exquisite painting by the name “Trees in the Frog”. We are very happy to now present you a much broader spectrum of Quevedos body of works within her current solo exhibition at the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Centre.
The references to romanticism and especially to Caspar David Friedrich are evident in her strictly composed, often melancholic works. Authors such as Christa Wolf and Friedrich Dieckmann emphasize that, too. In her Head-Hand-Series , for example, Diekmann sees “symbols of the lonely life, her subject is the being-alone-with-oneself, the silence is situated in the objects and the means”.
Núria Quevedo utilizes the phenomena to transport the message of her images. Even if we cannot always verbalize them – we sense that they refer to something unspeakable.