Ulrich Fischer - What is the case? 


Exhibition period: 22th January – 26th March 2022


Ulrich Fischer is the winner of 2020‘s Caspar David Friedrich Award. He convinced the jury by his intensive as well as highly sensitive artistic examination of natural and artistic processes.


In the exhibition "What is the case?"(German for: „What‘s the case?“) he uses artistic means to get to the bottom of natural procedures, for example, how to portray a stream,how a glacier draws and what can be found on beaches after a storm. By setting framework conditions, through selection and condensation the artist creates his works that unfold a subtle aesthetic and inspire to look at the world with completely fresh eyes and to discover it anew. According to Ulrich Fischer, "change is an endless succession of standstills", which he tries to capture within his artworks.


The exhibition will be on display in Caspar David Friedrich Center from January 22th until March 26th, 2022. Every Wednesday from 14-14:30 there will be a tour guided by the director of the CDF-Centre, Caroline Barth. Booking in advance (even at short notice) is requested.


Time: approx. 30 min.


Cost: Entry plus 1 Euro guided tour fee.*


*For students of the CDFI Greifswald and members of the Caspar David Friedrich Society the event is free of charge.



Left: Ulrich Fischer, series "Notation", 2019-2020

Right: Ulrich Fischer, series "Ocker", since 2019

Photo: Caroline Barth © 2022 Caspar David Friedrich Society