Would you like to be part of the CDF-Society?

We are happy you are joining us!

Information on the Society and confirmation of membership may be obtained from the Caspar David Friedrich Centre. Application forms may also be downloaded from the Society’s website and printed out.


Application for Membership (pdf)

Executive Board

Hannelore Kohl - chairwoman

Prof. Dr. Kilian Heck - vice chairman

Grit Hanke - treasurer

Committee Members

Dr. Gerlind Amtsberg

Anita Kaegi

Gabrielle Czerwinksi


Advantages of a membership

  • free entry to the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Centre
  • reductions on excursions and guided tours
  • personal invitations to events, exhibitions, lectures and excursions
  • regular information of the Society’s work and a free copy of its annual report, which includes extensive information


The annual membership fee is


50 € for individuals
75 € for couples
25 € for pensioners
12.50 € for students and schoolchildren
150 € for legal bodies, firms and institutions