Caspar David Friedrich Prize 2017

Marten Schech

Scaled-Down Changes


15 July – 30 September



Marten Schech, student at the  Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, is the winner of the Caspar David Friedrich Prize 2017.


Marten Schech impressed the jury with his architectonic sculptures, partly made up of historic building material and produced by traditional techniques. In his works, the two art forms meet, and Schech scrutinises their functions and proportionalities. Objects, interpreted as compressed constructions, show involvement with the past and the present on the level of a spatial reality. Walk-in sculptures such as the pavillion from which a tree seems to grow, allow for contemplation, like an idyll. 



Marten Schech, Chamechorie (Wehrtheim) and Chamaechorie (Meißen), 2015, Wood Waste, Wood Composite, Expanded Metal, Adhesive Plaster, Lacquer, Colour, 140 x 100 x 85 cm and 200 x 130 x 120 cm, Photo: Marten Schech,© Marten Schech



Marten Schech
Photo: Marten Schech, © Marten Schech