ZEITENWANDERER   (Traveling through Time)



26 January– 17 April  2017



The Caspar David Friedrich Centre, the Pomeranian State Museum, Gallery Hubert Scharz and Gallery STP in Greifswald have joined forces to show works by the Japanese artist Hiroyuki Masuyama. 

The exhibition „Zeitenwanderer“ (Traveling through Time) focusses on Masuyama's photomontages based on paintings by Caspar David Friedrich and William Turner as the eminent representatives of European Romanticism. By compounding hundreds of photographs, Masuyama empathetically recreates their compositions. 


Duration of the exhibition:

Caspar David Friedrich Centre and  Pomeranian State Museum: 26 January  – 17 April  2017

Gallery Hubert Schwarz and Gallery STP: 26 January – 11 March 2017



„C. D. Friedrich: Greifswald in the Moonlight, 1817“, 2016,
photomontage, LED lightbox, 22,5 x 30,5 x 4 cm
© Hiroyuki Masuyama


The Caspar David Friedrich Centre shows mainly Masuyama's photomontages based on oil paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, e.g. „Greifswald in the Moonlight“ and „Neubrandenburg“, as well as new interpretations of Friedrich's lost oil paintings „Greifswald Harbour“ and „Winter“.  


The  Pomeranian State Museum exhibits modern adaptions of Friedrich's „Meadows Near Greifswald“ and „The Ruins of Eldena in the Riesengebirge“. The highlight of the presentation is a walk-in wooden globe „0“, simulating the universe via  30.000 glas fibres. 


Gallery Hubert Schwarz presents Masuyama's work based on Friedrich's painting „The  grosse Gehege near Dresden“, and additionally works from the series „Universe“, among others a picture of the universe made up of 672 single paintings.


Gallery STP exhibits photomontages which Masuyma based on paitings by the English landscape painter and Friedrich’s contemporary Joseph Mallord William Turner, retracing his travels to Venice and Rome between 1819 and 1845. 




The photographer, video artist and sculptor Hiroyuki Masuyama grew up in Japan, where he first  studied oil painting and later mural painting at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. With a DAAD-scholarship, he came to Düsseldorf in 1995 and studied at the Academy of the Arts until 1999, and continued his studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne 1999 – 2001.


Masuyama lives sand works in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Besides Germany and Japan, his works were exhibited in Italy, France, China, Hong Kong and Switzerland, among other places.